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2023 Autumn HomeXPO Exhibitor Manual

The Autumn HomeXPO is held in association with the Waikato Show. Friday 31 st March – Sunday 2 nd April Claudelands Events Centre - The Arena Corner of Brooklyn Road & Heaphy Terrace, Claudelands, Hamilton www.autumnhomexpo.co.nz

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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VENUE Venue Address

Claudelands Events Centre Corner of Brooklyn Road and Heaphy Terrace, Claudelands Hamilton 3412

Claudelands Events Centre is about a 10-minute drive from the city centre. For public transport information visit https://www.busit.co.nz/hamilton-routes/ Accepted from 8:00am, Wednesday 29 th March 2023. Please do not send items before this date as they may be turned away. Please see page 7 for further delivery information.


EVENT SCHEDULE Build Up Thursday 30 th March 2023

9am – 8pm

To allow completion of stand construction please do not arrive for build up before the stipulated times. Design and build companies only may be able to start setting up early but must gain prior approval by XPO Operations Manager Leanne Olsen - 027 543 5556 or leanne@xpo.co.nz.

Show Days & Opening Times Friday 31 st March 2023

10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm 10am – 4pm

Saturday 1 st April 2023 Sunday 2 nd April 2023

Access with valid exhibitor badges is permitted from 9am each day. Exhibitors will be required to vacate halls 15 minutes after the close of each show day.

Pack down Sunday 2 nd April 2023 Monday 3 rd April 2023

4:15pm – 8:00pm 8:00am – 12:00pm

Security Whilst every security precaution is made throughout the event, items may go missing during show build up and breakdown and for this reason we strongly recommend you remove any portable or valuable items at the commencement of pack down at 4.15pm on Sunday 2 nd April. Everything must be removed by 12:00pm Monday 3 rd April 2023 . We urge all exhibitors to have personnel on your stand for the duration of breakdown to ensure stand security is maintained. Exhibitor Parking During the build-up and pack-down days, exhibitors will be permitted to enter through the Service Entry, Gate 6, on Brooklyn Road in order to access the loading dock. Please display this Service Entry Pass on your windscreen in order to access the Service Entry. Entry to the exhibitor carpark during show days is through Gate 3, off Brooklyn Road, next to Jubliee Bush. All parking is free for exhibitors if you show the car park staff your exhibitor badge. To ensure you park closest to the Autumn HomeXPO Pavilion (the Arena), please advise the parking wardens that you are an Autumn HomeXPO exhibitor and display your parking pass. N.B. you will not be able to park in the parking area accessed at the Service Entry, Gate 6, on Brooklyn Road during the HomeXPO. Service Entry access is for build and break down only.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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IMPORTANT BUILD UP & PACK DOWN INFORMATION To ensure the safety of yourself, your team and those around you, all exhibitors and contractors are required to follow the below rules: ▪ To be permitted onsite during show build up and pack down, all exhibitors and contractors must wear a high-visibility vest and close-toed shoes. For safety reasons those without these items will be refused entry. ▪ Children under 14 years of age are not permitted in the halls for the duration of build up and pack down ▪ Animals, with the exception of registered service animals, are not allowed at all for the duration of the show. ▪ Alcohol is not permitted on stands during build up and pack down. AISLES It is imperative that exhibitors keep within their contracted square meter area and do not encroach on the aisle space in order for us to maintain aisle requirements. Exits and emergency equipment (including power boxes on the walls above stands) must not be obstructed. During build up and pack down please ensure these aisles are left clear of all debris to enable forklifts, emergency vehicles and other contractor vehicles a clear passage.

The Autumn HomeXPO Team For more information, please contact our team: Rebecca Hannah Exhibition Director

021 433 733 021 158 8995 027 543 5556


Samantha Linn Leanne Olsen

Head of Marketing Operations Manager

samantha@xpo.co.nz leanne@xpo.co.nz

YOUR EXHIBITION STAND Exhibition stands must be of a freestanding nature. You are not permitted to drill into the floor or walls for any reason. Any damage of this kind will be on-charged to the exhibitor. Cuisine Corner exhibitors , please refer to the Cuisine Corner information section on page 6. PANELS

Display panels are built in increments of 1.2m widths, and 2.3m high. They are covered with charcoal coloured velcro-receptive material. Velcro is the best way to attach items to the panels – you will only need the hook or the rough side of velcro strips or dots. Velcro hook and loop will be available for purchase from the show

information desk: $3 for half a metre $5 for 1 metre

Thumbtacks are also acceptable to attach to panels but must be removed at the end of the show. Nails, screws, painting, or permanent marking of these panels is not permitted. Any damage to the carpet tiles or display panels will be on-charged to the exhibitor. Panels are not to be altered or moved without consulting the XPO Exhibitions Operations Manager, Leanne Olsen. Please also be mindful not to put too much weight against panel walls as it could cause the panels to lean over and cause potential harm. INTERNAL STAND MEASUREMENTS Due to the thickness of the panels (50mm approx), and the nature of how the stands are built, dimensions are not always exactly what they are in your contract. If you are planning to do a banner wrap inside your stand and require the exact internal dimensions of your stand, please email operations@xpo.co.nz.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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CARPET 1m square grey carpet tiles will be provided unless requested otherwise. If you are laying a special floor, we recommend that it be laid on top of the carpet tiles. When fixing carpet or floor coverings to the floor, please use clear double-sided tape as it is very easy to remove. ● Exhibition Hire Services can also provide alternative floor coverings such as roll carpet in a variety of colours. For more information, please use the contact details in the Official Supplier Details below ● IMPORTANT – if you would like to remove the carpet from your stand, you will incur a labour fee of $2.50+GST per sqm of your stand space (regardless of how many tiles are removed) for uplifting and re-laying the carpet tiles. Note that any tiles that creep into aisle ways or neighbouring stands WILL NOT be removed. If you would like the carpet removed from your stand, please contact XPO Operations Manager Leanne Olsen on 027 543 5556. OFFICIAL SUPPLIERS The following suppliers can assist with furniture, equipment, rigging, stand design and builds and other optional services. Please note, some contractors/suppliers have deadlines for special requests and other services. Audio Visual Catering Equipment & Marquee Hire Catering Equipment Hire/ Refrigeration EDWARDS SOUNDS Karen Joe (64) 9 571 1169 waikatohomeexpo@edwardsnz.co.nz www.edwardsnz.co.nz CARLTON PARTY HIRE Sales 0800 662 000 (party hire) 0800 101 065 (major events) hamilton@carltonpartyhire.co.nz www.carltonpartyhire.co.nz CORPORATE RENTALS Tony French (64) 9 270 2408 tony@corp-rental.co.nz www.corp-rentals.co.nz

Carpet & Furniture

Design & Build

Design & Build

EXHIBITION HIRE SERVICES Gwen Johnston (64) 7 847 4747 (64) 21 547 608 gwen@exhibitionhire.co.nz www.exhibitionhire.co.nz


EXHIBIT GROUP Sales Team (64) 9 570 6060 webquery@exhibit.co.nz www.exhibit.co.nz

(64) 9 579 2380 (64) 21 986 860 markc@degroup.co.nz www.degroup.co.nz

Disposable Cups & More

Stand Wi-Fi

Disposable Cups & More

UNIPAK Sales 0800 864 725

XPO Exhibitions Operations Manager (64) 27 543 5556 leanne@xpo.co.nz $10/stall per 24 hours

ECOWARE Customer Service 0800 464 326 (GO 4 ECO) hello@ecoware.co.nz www.ecoware.co.nz

sales@unipak.co.nz www.unipak.co.nz


Lead Generation Scanners

Lighting & Power

Lüp Sales 0800 961 110

SMARTPAY Ashley Kohlhase (64) 9 442 7768 ashley.kohlhase@smartpay.co.nz www.smartpay.co.nz

SHOW LIGHT & POWER Sales (64) 9 822 5100 orders@showlight.co. nz www.showlight.co.nz

help@lup.events www.lup.events

Plants & Outdoor Decor

Plants & Outdoor Decor

Venue, Banner & Sign Hanging

THE TREE COMPANY Sales 0800 873 326 info@tree.co.nz www.tree.co.nz

SHOWSCAPE Sales 0800 746 972

CLAUDELANDS EVENTS CENTRE Technical Services (64) 7 929 3000 technical.services@h3group.co.nz www.claudelands.co.nz

info@showscape.co.nz www.showscape.co.nz

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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IMPORTANT DEADLINES Liquor License Applications *Needed for exhibitors who are sampling/selling alcohol only* Food Registration Certificate Exhibitors must supply a registration certificate presented by their local council or MPI. *Leanne Olsen will be in touch individually with stands distributing food. If you believe you should have received further info but have not, please contact leanne@xpo.co.nz Operational Form *COMPULSORY FOR ALL EXHIBITORS* Including exhibitor badge details

Thursday 16 th February

5pm, Friday 10 th March

5pm, Friday 3 rd March




Deadline Date


Courier label

Courier label

Flooring form

Furniture form Wall Panels form

Exhibition Hire Service

Thursday 23 March

Show Light & Power

Light & Power form


Please email Karen Joe at waikatohomeexpo@edwardsnz.co.nz


Audio Visual

Hanging Sign Form

Hanging Sign

Tuesday 21 March

Please email leanne@xpo.co.nz if your stand requires wi-fi ($10/stand per 24 hr access)



Exhibitor Badges

Friday 6 March (5 pm)

Thursday 23 March Please email to leanne@xpo.co.nz

Risk Form

Risk Assessment

ACCOMMODATION For the best available hotel rates near to Claudelands Event Centre , we recommend using the event Hotelmap:

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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BANNERS/HANGING SIGNAGE If you would like to hang a banner, please use the form attached here. Please return the completed form to Claudelands Events Centre by Tuesday 21 March 2023. IMPORTANT: Banners or signage must be a minimum of 1m within your stand boundaries. Please contact Leanne Olsen on 027 543 5556 or email leanne@xpo.co.nz for prior approval. CATERING, FOOD & BEVERAGE Exhibitors intending to sample and/or sell food on their stand must provide a copy of their current Food Control Plan Certificate/National Programme. Please email your documentation to Leanne Olsen (leanne@xpo.co.nz) no later than Friday 10 March. Please be aware that the Hamilton City Council may be conducting inspections during the show. Exhibitors intending to sample and/or sell any type of alcoholic beverage will need to work directly with Operations Manage Leanne Olsen (leanne@xpo.co.nz) to ensure your liquor license is approved by Hamilton City Council. Applications can be submitted to Leanne no later than Thursday 16 February. Leanne will be in touch directly with stands approved to provide samples and/or sell liquor. CEILINGS & CANOPIES If you have a stand design with a ceiling or canopy, the material used must be flame proof (documented proof of such must be provided) and you must have a current/valid fire extinguisher and smoke alarm. Please contact Operations Manager, Leanne Olsen (leanne@xpo.co.nz) for approval of your stand design. CLEANING Cleaners have been contracted who will vacuum your stand every night during show days as well as after build-up (floors will be vacuumed on the last night of build up ready for show open). If you do not require this service, please contact Leanne Olsen (leanne@xpo.co.nz). CONTRACTORS The services specified in this manual are available for use by exhibitors but the organisers are not the agent of either contractors or subcontractors, and can accept no liability of any contract entered into between exhibitors and contractors for the negligence or default of any such person, their servants or agents. CUISINE CORNER STANDS Exhibitors located in the Cuisine Corner feature at the HomeXPO will be provided with a 2.4mx1m wooden market-type display stand (as per your contract). These stands will have 1m of exhibition space for you to stand behind the wooden stand structure. Black 2.3m high exhibition panels will be located along the back of the feature upon which you may display your promotional signage. If you require additional storage for your product and/or refrigeration, there is storage space located behind the black panels of your stand (at no additional cost). CUSTOMER CARE / RE-BOOKING PROCESS Autumn HomeXPO Exhibition Director Rebecca Hannah along with our Operations Manager Leanne Olsen will be located onsite during build, show days and pack down. Rebecca and Leanne will available for any queries you may have and will be situated at our HomeXPO Office adjacent to the café in HomeXPO. Please do not hesitate to ask for assistance as required. Many exhibitors like to retain their stands for the following years’ show therefore we offer you the opportunity to rebook your current stand for 2024 at special Early Bird rates. Rebecca Hannah will be available on site during the show to discuss rebooking your stand for 2024.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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Advantages of re-booking on site: ● Retain your current stand or express interest in another stand ● Early bird rates apply ● The 30-day cooling-off period means you can keep your stand at Early Bird rates, but if you change your mind 30 days after the HomeXPO, you can cancel with no penalty. ● Re-booking our existing and loyal exhibitors promptly at and after the HomeXPO then allows us plenty of time to focus on securing new exhibitors and new features for the show to keep it fresh year on year, which is in everyone's best interest! DELIVERIES Deliveries to the venue will be accepted from 8am on Wednesday 29 th March. Please do not send anything before this date as it may get turned away. If you are using a courier/freight company to drop off or collect your product, please ensure that all boxes are properly labelled with the information listed below. Please ensure that you arrange your courier drop off and pick up times within the designated times of build up and break down. A courier delivery form can be found by clicking here . A freight pickup form can be collected from the XPO show info desk during the event.

Information to include on the courier package is as follows:

2023 Autumn Home XPO (Waikato Show) The Arena Service Entry, Gate 6 Claudelands Events Centre Corner of Brooklyn Road & Heaphy Terrace Claudelands, Hamilton 3412 COMPANY NAME STAND NUMBER CONTACT NAME PHONE NUMBER DESIGN & BUILD STANDS

A design and build stand is one that is designed and built by another company, that needs to be specially built and installed for the exhibition. Remember, if you’re having a design and build stand you should contact the Operations Manager Leanne Olsen (leanne@xpo.co.nz) with your plans for approval. EXHIBITOR BADGES Exhibitor Badges must be worn at all times during show days. They do not need to be worn during build up or break down. To pre-order name badges for the staff working on your stand, you will need to enter their names online prior to the deadline. It is important to pre-order these to avoid queues onsite. All badges will need to be collected from the HomeXPO Office your arrival on build up days, and any amendments can be made there. Additional badges above your contract allocation will incur an additional fee of $20.00 per badge. Please check your inbox for more information regarding badges and other Operational Form info. If you have not received this please contact leanne@xpo.co.nz. Badges must be collected during build up from our HomeXPO office (located in the Arena hall next to the café and near the exit of HomeXPO). The HomeXPO Office will be open during exhibitor build, show days

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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and pack down. Please direct any operational enquiries to the HomeXPO Office. If you fail to present your valid exhibitor badge on show days, you will be refused entry. EXHIBITOR LOUNGE An Exhibitor Lounge is provided for your convenience and is located on Level 2, above the Arena. FIRE & EVACUATION PROCESS At the sound of the fire alarm, please leave immediately by the nearest exit and proceed to an area well clear of buildings. Remain outside the building until the ‘All Clear’ sign is given. Please follow the instructions of XPO Exhibitions personnel, security staff and hall supervisors. FIRST AID A medical team will be onsite during show hours only. If any first aid is required during build up and break down, please come to the HomeXPO Show Information desk or contact a member of XPO Exhibitions staff. Please be aware that due to Health and Safety regulations, XPO Exhibitions are not able to hand out medication of any kind. FLOORPLAN Your XPO sales manager will have provided you with a floor plan of the event. Please note the floor plan is updated often. Please contact your sales manager for the latest version of the floor plan if you have any questions regarding the floor plan. If you need to send the floor plan to contractors, or have any questions, please contact our Operations Manager Leanne Olsen or our Exhibition Director Rebecca Hannah for the most up-to-date version. HEALTH & SAFETY All people on-site during pack in will be required to complete a health and safety induction to be permitted entry to carry out setup or break-down work. XPO Exhibitions is committed to ensuring that our exhibitions are a safe environment for our staff exhibitors, contractors, and visitors. XPO Exhibitions considers that accidents, injuries, and incidents can be prevented through appropriate management and planning and accordingly we have developed policies and procedures that aim to protect the health and safety of all. Click here to view full description of XPO’s Health & Safety policy. We encourage all exhibitors to review and understand their obligations under the XPO Health & Safety Policy. HEIGHT & STAND STRUCTURE REGULATIONS The standard height of the stand panels is 2.3m. If you are planning on building a display or structure in your stand space that is higher than this, you will first need to discuss your plans with XPO Operations Manager Leanne Olsen – leanne@xpo.co.nz - 027 543 5556, as permission will need to be granted from neighbouring stands Please note: If permission is not gained prior to show opening, XPO Exhibitions reserves the right to request that you take your stand back to the 2.3m height limit or to remove obstructing signs and/or banners. HOMEXPO CAFÉ The HomeXPO café in association with Unique Food Geeks will be serving a selection of great coffee, beverages and food throughout the show. They will be open from 9am daily for exhibitors, and welcome you to set up a tab for your staff.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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HOMEXPO OFFICE The HomeXPO Office will be located in the HomeXPO Arena. The HomeXPO Office will be alongside the HomeXPO Café near the exit of the HomeXPO. This office will be open during exhibitor build, show days and exhibitor pack down. Please direct any operational enquiries to this office. Please note the Waikato Show office is located in the foyer at the northern end of Hall A. This office is where you need to go for any info pertaining to the greater Waikato Show outside of the HomeXPO. INSURANCE It is a requirement that all exhibitors have an appropriate level of Public Liability Insurance cover for their stand. Alternatively, XPO can offer this through QBE via ICIB Insurance Brokers at a cost per event of $130.00 + GST. Please email operations@xpo.co.nz to arrange this. INTERNET XPO Exhibitions will be managing and collecting payment from all stands needing Wi-Fi access cards. Please email Operations Manager Leanne Olsen (Leanne@xpo.co.nz) if you stand requires Wi-Fi access. Wi-Fi will be available for $10/stand per 24 hour access period. LIGHTING & POWER Your stand will include an allocation of power & lighting based on your stand size. Please check your contract to confirm the number of lights and power strips included. RISK ASSESSMENT FORM All exhibitors are required to submit a Risk Assessment Form prior to show opening. These may be requested from XPO at any time during the show. Please send the Risk Assessment Form no later than Monday 23 March to Operations Manager Leanne Olsen (leanne@xpo.co.nz). SECURITY The Autumn HomeXPO Pavilion will be locked and secured at all times other than show, pack in and pack down hours. Security staff will be on site throughout the show. While every reasonable precaution is taken, the organisers accept no responsibility for any loss or damage, which occur to persons or property at the exhibition from any cause whatsoever. Exhibitors are reminded that during the pack in and pack out periods, valuable, personal and portable possessions are the most at risk from loss or theft. While the organisers have taken every precaution to minimise this risk, it is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure the safety of these items. TEST AND TAG Every electrical appliance or apparatus you are using must be tagged and tested. It is illegal to use your leads, appliances or apparatus that do not have a current tag. NZ Test And Tag Ltd will be on site to test and tag your electrical leads, this is payable by the exhibitor at the time of testing. Come to the HomeXPO Office on Thursday 30 th March (during build) to arrange for the testing and tagging of your appliances. NZ Test And Tag Ltd will be at the show Thursday – Sunday located near the Waikato Show information desk for test and tagging. Alternatively call Tim Roberts on 027 7313 141 to arrange a time for him to come to your stand.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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THE WAIKATO SHOW BEST STAND AWARDS All stands within the Waikato Show (including the Autumn HomeXPO Pavilion) will be judged for the overall Best Stand Award. The purpose of these awards is to acknowledge the exhibitor's contribution to the showcasing of the Waikato Region and overall presentation of their business through their show stand at the Waikato Show. The award is to honour the involvement and value that Graham Hannah has brought to the Waikato / Hamilton region through the creation and organisation of the Autumn HomeXPO and the Waikato Home & Garden Show, held annually in October each year.

Judging is based on the following criteria:

▪ Presentation – tidy and clean stand, use of space, layout, staff well presented, does your stand easily portray what the business is promoting or selling? Is it immediately obvious what your product/service is? ▪ Engaging – are the staff friendly and engaging, is there a unique point of interest at the stand, are the staff knowledgeable. ▪ A good fit – Is the business/organisation a good fit for the space it is in, does it fit the Waikato Show ethos (engaging and interactive), is there a free product, service or free activity?

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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Service Entry Parking Pass

Gate 6 Service Entry Brooklyn Road

FOR BUILD AND BREAK DOWN ONLY (please fill in and place visibly on your dash) Vehicle Rego Number:.


Contact name: :.

. .

Mobile whilst on site: :.

Only valid for: • Thursday 30 th March 2023 – 8am – 8pm • Sunday 2 nd April 2023 – 5.30pm – 8pm • Monday 3 rd April 2023 – 8am – 12pm NO ACCESS DURING SHOW TIMES LOADING ZONE ONLY: LIMIT ONE HOUR VEHICLE MUST THEN BE MOVED. IF FORM IS NOT COMPLETED; NO ENTRY PERMITTED

Show Day Parking Pass

EXHIBITOR PARKING PASS Brooklyn Road Gate 3 - Show Days Valid for:

Friday 31 st March 2023 Saturday 1 st April 2023 Sunday 2nd April 2023

Please display this parking pass along with your security exhibitor badge to car parking attendants.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@xpo.co.nz

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