FSC23 Exhibitor Manual v9FEB2023


Venue Address

Christchurch Arena 55 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington Christchurch 8024

Christchurch Arena is about a 10-minute drive from the city centre. For public transport information visit www.metroinfo.co.nz


Accepted from 8:00am, Wednesday 29 th March. Please do not send items before this date as they may be turned away.


Thursday 30 th March 10am – 8pm To allow completion of stand construction please do not arrive for build up before the stipulated time. Design and build companies only may be able to start setting up early but must gain prior approval by XPO Operations Manager Lucy Gilfillan - 022 569 1122 or Lucy@xpo.co.nz.

Show Days & Opening Times

Friday 31 st March

10am – 5pm

Exhibitor networking function *with valid exhibitor badges only*

5pm – 7pm

Saturday 1 st April

10am – 5pm

Sunday 2 nd April 10am – 5pm Access with valid exhibitor badges is permitted from 8am each day. Exhibitors will be required to vacate halls 15 minutes after the close of each show day.

Break Down

Sunday 2 nd April

5:15pm – 8pm

Monday 3 rd April

8am – 12pm

Security Whilst every security precaution is made throughout the event, items may go missing during show build up and break down and for this reason we strongly recommend you remove any portable or valuable items on Sunday 2 nd April.

Everything else must be removed by 12pm Monday 3 rd April . We urge all exhibitors to have personnel on your stand for the duration of break down to ensure stand security is maintained.


Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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IMPORTANT BUILD UP & BREAK DOWN INFORMATION To ensure the safety of yourself, your team and those around you, all exhibitors and contractors are required to follow the below rules: ▪ To be permitted onsite during show build up and break down, all exhibitors and contractors must wear a high-visibility vest and close-toed shoes. For safety reasons those without these items will be refused entry. ▪ Children under 14 years of age and animals are not permitted in the halls at all for the duration of the show. ▪ Alcohol is not permitted on stands during build up and break down. AISLES It is imperative that exhibitors keep within their contracted square meter area and do not encroach on the aisle space in order for us to maintain aisle requirements. Exits and emergency equipment (including power boxes on the walls above stands) must not be obstructed. During build up and break down please ensure these aisles are left clear of all debris to enable forklifts, emergency vehicles and other contractor vehicles a clear passage.

YOUR EXHIBITION STAND Display stands must be of a freestanding nature. You are not permitted to drill into the floor or walls for any reason. Any damage of this kind will be charged to the exhibitor.

PANELS Panels are built in increments of 1.2m widths, and 2.3m high. They are covered with charcoal coloured velcro-receptive material. Velcro is the best way to attach items to the panels – you will only need the hook or the rough side of velcro strips or dots. Velcro hook and loop will be available for purchase from the show

information desk: $3 for half a metre $5 for 1 metre

Thumbtacks are also acceptable to attach to panels but must be removed at the end of the show. Nails, screws, painting, or permanent marking of these panels is not permitted.

Any damage caused may be on charged to the exhibitor. Panels are not to be altered or moved without consulting Exhibition Hire Services. Please also be mindful not to put too much weight against panel walls as it could cause the panels to lean over and cause potential harm.

INTERNAL STAND MEASUREMENTS Due to the thickness of the panels (50mm approx), and the nature of how the stands are built, dimensions are not always exactly what they are in your contract. If you are planning to do a banner wrap inside your stand and require the exact internal dimensions of your stand, please email operations@foodshow.co.nz. CARPET 1m square grey carpet tiles will be provided unless requested otherwise. If you are laying a special floor, we recommend that it be laid on top of the carpet tiles. When fixing carpet or floor coverings to the floor, please use clear double-sided tape as it is very easy to remove.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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• Exhibition Hire Services can also provide alternative floor coverings such as roll carpet in a variety of colours. For more information, please use the contact details in the Official Supplier Details below. • IMPORTANT – if you would like to remove the carpet from your stand, you will incur a labour fee of $2.50+GST per sqm of your stand space (regardless of how many tiles are removed) for uplifting and re-laying the carpet tiles. Note that any tiles that creep into aisle ways or neighbouring stands WILL NOT be removed. If you would like the carpet removed from your stand, please contact Exhibition Hire Services.


Compulsory Operational Form The operational form will be sent closer to the event.

5pm, Friday 17 th March 2023

FORMS LIBRARY For any additional information, please contact operations@foodshow.co.nz



Deadline Date

Courier label

Courier label



Eftpos form


Flooring form

Exhibition Hire Service

Furniture form

Friday 10 th March

Wall Panels form

Show Light & Power

Light & Power form

Monday 20 th March

Spectrum Lighting and Sound ***Contact direct***

Wednesday 29 th March

Christchurch Arena

Wifi & Banner Hanging form


Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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Audio Visual

Design & Build Stands

Phil Mardon 03 377 0070 phil.mardon@spectrumlighting.co.nz www.spectrumlighting.co.nz

Exhibition Hire Services: www.exhibitionhire.co.nz Exhibit Group: www.exhibit.co.nz Peek Exhibition: www.peek.co.nz

Carpet, Furniture, Extra Panels


Julia Sandiforth 021 547 600

Ashley Kohlhase 09 442 7768 Ashley.kohlhase@smartpay.co.nz www.smartpay.co.nz

julia@exhibitionhire.co.nz www.exhibitionhire.co.nz

Portable Cooktops

Fire Extinguisher

The Hire Store 03 974 3463

Wormald 03 341 1580 www.wormald.co.nz/contact-us

hello@thehirestore.co.nz www.thehirestore.co.nz

Internet, Banner Hanging, Venue

Power & Lighting

Trish Bowell 027 270 3620 Trish.bowell@venuesotautahi.co.nz

Shaun Dalgetty 09 822 5100 021 556 184 s.dalgetty@showlight.co.nz www.showlight.co.nz

Plant Hire

Refrigeration/Catering Equipment

Chris Hartnell 021 345 575 plants@jjungle.co.nz www.jjungle.co.nz

Cosell 03 982 3103

info@cosell.co.nz www.cosell.co.nz


Water Coolers

Brittany Williams 03 366 5524

Louise Ridley 09 282 3186 021 198 7908

sales@actionsigns.co.nz www.actionsigns.co.nz

louise@bigblue.co.nz www.bigblue.co.nz

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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ACCOMMODATION For the best available hotel rates near Christchurch Arena, we recommend using the event Hotelmap:

BANNERS/HANGING SIGNAGE If you require any signage to be hung above your stand, please contact the venue: trish.bowell@venuesotautahi.co.nz

IMPORTANT: Banners or signage must be a minimum of 1m within your stand boundaries. Please contact Lucy Gilfillan on 022 569 1122 or email lucy@xpo.co.nz for prior approval.

CEILINGS & CANOPIES If you have a stand design with a ceiling or canopy, the material used must be flame proof (documented proof of such must be provided) and you must have a current/valid fire extinguisher and smoke alarm. Please contact Operations Manager, Lucy Gilfillan (lucy@xpo.co.nz – 022 569 1122) for approval of your stand design. CLEANING The venue cleaners will remove rubbish and clean the show floor every evening. If you need specific cleaning on your stand, please visit the information counter at the show. Please note, this service is not guaranteed, and cleaners do not enter stands as a security precaution.

DELIVERIES Deliveries will be accepted from 8am Wednesday 29 th March. Please make sure your goods do not arrive any earlier than this time as they may be turned away.

If you are using a courier/freight company to drop off or collect your product, please ensure that all boxes are properly labelled with the information listed below.

A courier delivery label can be found by clicking here or in the forms library towards the front of this manual.

Information to include on the label is: Christchurch Food Show 2023 Christchurch Arena 55 Jack Hinton Drive, Addington, Christchurch 8024 COMPANY NAME


DESIGN & BUILD STANDS A design and build stand is one that is designed and built by another company, that needs to be specially built and installed for the exhibition. If you’re having a design and build stand you should contact the Operations Manager Lucy Gilfillan (lucy@xpo.co.nz) with your plans for approval.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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DISCOUNTED EXHIBITOR TICKETS As an exhibitor at the Christchurch Food Show you receive an allocation of complimentary tickets. Please refer to your contract for your allocation. If you would like to purchase additional tickets at a discounted rate of $16, please request via the online operational form. You will receive your complimentary tickets approximately 4 weeks prior to the show via email. The tickets will come in one pdf which will need to split if you have more than 1 using any free pdf splitter programs.

Please note that tickets: ▪

are valid for a single entry on any day ▪ exhibitor discounted tickets are NOT to be used for re-sale ▪ you will not need tickets for staff working on your stand

EXHIBITOR BADGES Exhibitor Badges will now replace wristbands and must be worn at all times during show days. They do not need to be worn during build up or break down. To pre-order name badges for the staff working on your stand, you will need to enter their names online prior to the deadline. All badges will need to be collected from show information upon your arrival on build up days, and any amendments can be made there.

You will be sent instructions on how to order your badges closer to the event.

FIRE & EVACUATION PROCESS At the sound of the fire alarm, please leave immediately by the nearest exit and proceed to an area well clear of buildings . Remain outside the building until the ‘All Clear’ sign is given. Please follow the instructions of XPO Exhibitions personnel, security staff and hall supervisors. FIRST AID A medical team will be onsite during show hours only. If any first aid is required during build up and break down, please come to Show Information or contact a member of XPO Exhibitions staff. Please be aware that due to Health and Safety regulations, XPO Exhibitions are not able to hand out medication of any kind. FLOORPLAN The floor plan may change between the time of your booking and the staging of the event. The latest floor plan can be obtained by contacting operations@foodshow.co.nz. Please make sure you give the most updated plans to your contractor.

FOOD HEALTH AND SAFETY REGULATIONS These recommendations are a guide only and more specific food safety measures may be required for different stalls or displays.

Food sampling The acceptable sampling sizes for food samples are as follows: • Bite-sized portions • Individually wrapped items (for off-site consumption only)

Sampling must be carried out in such a way that customers do not touch food that other people will eat, in order to minimise the risk of cross-contamination. The guidance below should be followed:

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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a) Food should be placed to be sampled where the exhibitor can see it and therefore supervise customers. b) Samples should be clearly segregated from other stock. c) It is recommended that samples be offered to customers from plates or small bowls. d) Customers should not be allowed to ‘double dip’ sampling sticks/spoons/food items. e) Where hot drinks are being sampled, their cups must be fitted with close-fitting secure lids, otherwise the samples must be consumed within the exhibitors stand. A risk assessment should be carried out for such practice.

Travel and transport Travel straight to the event from your base kitchen thus avoiding long delays.

a) Transport vehicles must be clean and food must be separated from other items being carried in the vehicle, such as cleaning chemicals and pets. b) All food must be wrapped, covered or placed in sealed clean containers whilst being transported to the event. This will prevent potential contamination with dirt and bacteria. c) Perishable food including cooked rice, meats (both raw and cooked), dairy products etc must be kept either hot (at least 60ºC) or cold (at 4ºC or below) whilst travelling to the event.

Food preparation and storage

a) Ensure the food preparation area is large enough for the type of food preparation being carried out. All equipment, tables, display cabinets etc must be in a good state of repair and made of smooth materials that are impervious and easy to clean. Display a) Food being prepared or displayed must be protected against insects, dirt, people etc by means of covers, screens, sneeze guards etc. b) To help you achieve temperature control, keep the amount of food on display to a minimum. Good stock rotation is essential, when re- stocking displays ensure ‘older food’ is moved to the top of the pile. Avoid topping up ‘bulk’ displays as food on the bottom may be left for lo ng periods. c) Any leftovers should be discarded – not reused. a) Keep jewellery to a minimum as it may enter and contaminate food. b) Ensure that cuts and sores are covered with a brightly coloured waterproof plaster. On some occasions, gloves may be required. Keep a first aid kit on-site. c) Do not attend the event if you are suffering from a communicable illness, such as diarrhoea and vomiting. Even a common cold can cause food poisoning. d) Different persons, e.g. one person to handle food and one person to handle money, should carry out different tasks if possible. e) Clean as you go – regularly wipe down surfaces with a clean cloth. FORKLIFTS We will have forklifts and operators available during build up and break down. There is no charge for this service, provided each exhibitor lift requirements are no longer than 15 minutes. Please go to the show information desk to advise us when your truck arrives or when you are ready for a lift. If you think you are going to require a forklift for continual periods or require a lift at a strict designated time for your carrier, you may wish to consider hiring your own. For further information please contact XPO Operations Manager, Lucy Gilfillan (lucy@xpo.co.nz - 022 569 1122). Basic hygiene measures

GAS The venue has a strict policy on the amount of LPG gas permitted inside. Please note that their policy is different to many other venues throughout the country . It is imperative that you inform us if you are intending

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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to use LPG on your stand. If you intend to cook using LPG or butane, you must let us know in advance. All LPG connections and disconnections will need to be made by venue staff on a daily basis and they may contact you in advance to confirm. The venue has very strict fire regulations. All exhibitors cooking on a naked flame need to have a 2.0kg dry powder fire extinguisher and fire blanket on their stand. HEALTH & SAFETY All people on-site during build up will be required to complete a health and safety induction to be permitted entry to carry out setup or break-down work. XPO Exhibitions is committed to ensuring that our exhibitions are a safe environment for our staff, exhibitors, contractors, and visitors. XPO Exhibitions considers that accidents, injuries, and incidents can be prevented through appropriate management and planning and accordingly we have developed policies and procedures that aim to protect the health and safety of all. Click here to view full description of XPO’s Health & Safety policy. We encourage all exhibitors to review and understand their obligations under the XPO Health & Safety Policy. HEIGHT & STAND STRUCTURE REGULATIONS The standard height of the stand panels is 2.3m. If you are planning on building a display or structure in your stand space that is higher than this, you will first need to discuss your plans with XPO Operations Manager Lucy Gilfillan - lucy@xpo.co.nz - 022 569 1122, as permission may need to be granted from neighbouring stands Please note: If permission is not gained prior to show open, XPO Exhibitions reserves the right to request that you take your stand back to the 2.3m height limit or to remove obstructing signs and/or banners.

INSURANCE It is a requirement that all exhibitors have an appropriate level of Public Liability Insurance cover for their stand.

Alternatively, XPO can offer this through QBE via ICIB Insurance Brokers at a cost per event of $130.00 + GST. Please email operations@foodshow.co.nz to arrange this.

INTERNET All visitors to the venue have access to free public internet through Otautahi Guest. There is no password required for access. Before you can connect you are required to accept the Terms & Conditions and after a period of inactivity you may need to reconnect. This option is typically suitable for general internet browsing, tablets and smartphones. If you require more bandwidth for larger downloads, video streaming or have devices on your stand that require a continuous connection a premium option is recommended.

The complimentary wireless connection is not recommended for Eftpos machines due to the unpredictable nature of traffic use.

If you require a high-speed internet line to be installed on your stand or a premium wireless connection please order directly through the venue (contact details can be found in supplier list).

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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LEAD GENERATION SCANNER The Food Show’s registration and lead generation supplier is L üp, a technology company who offer exhibitors the option to easily and accurately collect visitor’s data. When visitors scan at your stand, you capture vital contact information including: name, email, contact number and postcode.

To order your scanner please visit The Food Show Exhibitor hub > Key Suppliers section.

LIGHTING & POWER Your stand will include an allocation of power & lighting based on your stand size. Please check your contract to confirm the number of lights and power strips included.

LIQUOR LICENSE Food Show exhibitors sampling or selling alcohol of any kind must have a Special Liquor License. Your applications and supporting documents must be sent directly to the Operations team by Friday 3 rd March 2023 . The application form, instructions and further information will be emailed trough to you by the Food Show Operations team a few weeks before the due date.

If you have any queries regarding the sale or supply of alcohol please email operations@foodshow.co.nz.

Responsible service of alcohol Exhibitors sampling alcoholic products are responsible for adhering to Government regulations and responsible service of alcohol guidelines. We ask that you do not serve visitors you consider to be intoxicated or under 18 years of age. Staff working on the stand must also be aware of these regulations. Tastings must not exceed 30mls for beers, wines and ciders and 5mls for spirits. Although we as organiser will make sure to have water stations throughout the venue providing free water, exhibitors offering samples of alcohol need to make sure to be offering free water and make it known to visitors.

At least one person on the stand must hold a current Managers Certificate.

MATERIALS & FABRICS Flammable materials are not permitted on stands without first being fireproofed. Fabrics that need to be fireproofed are cottons, straw, hay, polystyrene, or crepe paper. Approved fabrics are wool cloth, sail cloth – dacron or small areas of mylar with dacron backing, nylon taffeta, polycarbonates, thick panel plastic.

PHOTOGRAPHY & FILMING Taking photographs or videos of another exhibitor’s stand without permission from the exhibitor is strictly prohibited. Please ensure you ask permission should you wish to take photographs.

RUBBISH Bins will be provided and split into the following waste streams – Organics (compost), Recycling (1&2) and Landfill. All visitors and exhibitors must separate their individual waste into the appropriate bins. The show floor bins are for visitors only, so please use the provided back of house bins in the wash stations or loading bay for your stand waste. Once again, you must separate the streams when placing the waste into the provided bins and we recommend you have your own bins on your stand for this purpose – cardboard boxes or buckets work well.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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SAMPLES Exhibitors may give out samples of their product. Samples must be items, which the exhibitor sells in the normal conduct of their business, or items that are produced by the equipment that they sell. Portions are to be of a normal tasting size only. This is a small cup of 100mls for non-alcoholic beverages, 30mls for alcoholic beverages and bite size (50g) for food. Compostable sampling cups are available from Ecoware. Please consider the environment when you plan how you will offer large volumes of samples. SECURITY Whilst the organisers have security and safety precautions in place, no responsibility can be assumed for any loss or damage to goods. ▪ Safety and security of equipment and individuals on a stand is the responsibility of the exhibitor. ▪ The organiser shall be under no liability for any loss or damage to any property of the exhibitor or any other person, whether or not caused in whole or in part by any act or omission of the organiser, its servants, agents, or contractors. ▪ Security guards will be onsite from day one of build up. During opening hours, we have security guards patrolling the site, but we stress the importance of having your stand staffed at all times. ▪ The staff on your stand must wear their exhibitor badges during show open days to identify themselves to security staff. SHOWGUIDE LISTING All exhibitors receive one free standard listing in the show guide, including their trading/brand name, company website and stand number. Please note that postal addresses, email and contact details will not be included in this listing.

There is a $250.00 + GST fee for additional listings – if you would require an additional listing please contact operations@foodshow.co.nz

You will receive communication regarding completing a mandatory operational form where you will also complete your showguide listing.

SIGNAGE We encourage you to consider environmentally friendly solutions such as e-flute or eco board for your stand, as opposed to plastic corflute or PVC. Ask your signage provider for sustainable options.

If you are creating signage to wrap within your stand, please get in touch with us directly to confirm the exact dimensions. Contact us at operations@foodshow.co.nz.

STORAGE Storage is charged on a per pallet basis because of the sheer volume of storage required and the cost to supply it. If you do not pre-order storage space, please do not expect it.

Dry storage is $35 + GST per pallet and frozen and chilled storage is $70 + GST per pallet.

There will be chilled and frozen containers and dry storage space in the loading bay at the rear of the venue. Storage will be limited to four pallets max for stands smaller than 3x6m and six pallets max for stands 3x6m or larger. Maximums apply to each type of storage.

All storage is at your own risk, the organisers accept no responsibility for any damaged or lost stock.

Book your storage using the online operational form or email us at operations@foodshow.co.nz.

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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TEST & TAG It is the responsibility of the exhibitor to ensure that ALL power leads and cords are tested and tagged by a registered electrician. Megatest will be onsite during build up to test and tag any electricals and will be charged directly to you. Please see us at the show information desk if you require this service.

TRAFFIC MANAGEMENT Access to the loading bay is at the back of the Arena, via Jack Hinton Drive.

The front doors and south side entry is only permitted for small deliveries and hand held trollies. Any onsite questions regarding traffic management, please contact Lucy@xpo.co.nz.

VEHICLES An exhibitor who is planning to include a vehicle on their stand must notify the organisers of their intentions no later than 21 days prior to commencement of the exhibition. You will be given a specific arrival and departure time to move the vehicle on and off the stand. Details of the delivery together with details of the fuel and fuel capacity, dimensions and weight of the vehicle must be provided. The following conditions apply for liquid (petrol/diesel) powered motor vehicles; failure to comply with this will result in the vehicle being refused entry: ▪ Vehicles must contain either less than 5% or more than 80% of the fuel tank capacity while on display. ▪ Batteries must be disconnected prior to the show opening ▪ All display vehicles are required to have a current (dry powder) fire extinguisher mounted in a prominent position that is easily accessible. ▪ Vehicles are not permitted to start or move during the show without permissions from the Organisers and Venue Management WASH AREAS There will be wash areas with hot and cold running water located around the venue for exhibitors to clean their dishes. It is important that no fats or solids are to be put down the drains. Please see the venue map for wash locations. Exhibitor waste bins will be conveniently located in the wash areas, and please remember to sort your waste streams into the correct bins.

The Food Show Team For more information, please contact our team:

Sarah Webb

Sales & Event Manager


027 201 9887

Fay Clarke

Senior Sales Executive


021 869 809

Rebecca Stewart

General Manager


09 976 8361

Lorraine Smith

Head of Sales


09 976 8371

Samantha Linn

Head of Marketing


09 976 8301

Lucy Gilfillan

Head of Operations


022 569 1122

Benjamin Ng

Senior Operations & Events Executive Ben@xpo.co.nz

021 277 4299

Anthony Trigg

Head of Finance


09 976 8383

Questions If you have any questions about any of the information contained in this section of the Exhibitor Manual Please contact the Operations Team on (09) 976 8300 or email: operations@foodshow.co.nz.

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